Sports Betting Texas

Sports betting is currently not legal in Texas. The state has not passed any legislation to legalize and regulate sports betting, and there is no indication that lawmakers are now considering such legislation.

In Texas, the state constitution explicitly prohibits most forms of gambling. While there have been efforts in the past by some lawmakers to legalize and regulate sports betting, these efforts have not yet been successful.

As of today, the legislature is still considering the legalization of sports betting, with some bills filed but none passed. The legalization of sports betting in Texas is still being debated, and until the state government takes action to legalize it, sports betting remains illegal in the state.

Mobile Sports Betting in Texas

Mobile sports betting is not legal in Texas. Even if mobile sports betting were to be legalized in Texas in the future, it would still require a detailed set of regulations to ensure consumer protection, compliance with state and federal laws, and the collection of taxes on revenue generated by the activity.

Sports Teams to bet on in Texas

If sports betting were to become legal in Texas, residents would likely be able to bet on various sports teams across multiple leagues. Some popular teams to bet on would likely include:

  • NFL: The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are both based in Texas and have a large fan base in the state.
  • NCAAF: Texas is home to several college football teams such as the Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Aggies, and Baylor Bears, which would likely be available for betting.
  • MLB: The Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and the San Antonio Missions are Texas-based teams that would be eligible for betting.
  • NBA: The Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks are Texas-based teams that would likely be available for betting.
  • NHL: The Dallas Stars, the only NHL team in Texas, would be available for betting.